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MS-DOS Continuation

By stillwaitin4th1 ·
Windows 98 MS-DOS Mode
Extended Memory (XMS) Support

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This is he screen that my computer goes to... I can by pass this screen by pressing F5 but i wont allow me to download anyhing new or listen to cd's. This is a continuation of my previous question. What would be the best way to override this screen??

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by Blackcurrant In reply to MS-DOS Continuation


Looks like the computer is booting to MS-DOS Mode. Type the follwing:


and press enter and it should return you to Windows. Next, shut down and ask it to restart - make sure that restart in MS-DOS Mode is not selected. Hopefully, it should start normally.

Let us know what happens

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to MS-DOS Continuation

i missed your first post so sorry if you cannot 'exit' ms-dos mode as the above answer suggests you try, then it sounds to me like your original autoexec.bat and config.sys files have been accidenttally replaced. this is a known thing that can happen.
here is what to do about it:
Cannot Exit MS-DOS Mode

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by CG IT In reply to MS-DOS Continuation

Ah! BlackCurrant has the answer.

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by westec77 In reply to MS-DOS Continuation

It's time to upgrade to XP Pro. Win98 is obsolete (I repeat "Obsolete")

see ya @

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by Wauchula In reply to MS-DOS Continuation

sgt_shultz has the answer, but it sounds like you're a 'newbe' to the command line. When you get your system up to the 'safe' mode, click on start, select run and type in sysedit. this will give you a program that will show the autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Remove the commands that are outlined in the microsoft article and save the files. This should fix the problem. As a side note from your earlier posting, pressing the esc key will usually stop the memory count on older systems. Also, some older system won't accept windows XP... ;-)

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