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MS DOS Script to delete EVERYTHING

By Pringlisation ·
Usual story?...haha, girlfriend is being stalked on email \ Facebook \ MSN and all that by an ex boyfriend.
Ive locked down al accounts now but i want to be sure. Can someone give me the code to really screw up someones pc who goes into and opens up an email and clicks on the attachment.

I was considering a cmd file that would wipe out all system files on the computer that gives no prompt and just kills the pc.

Police are involved and there is a restraining order. Its pretty sad but I just wanna take this joker down.

Help me good buddies.
Rock on.

Oh and if this is against the principals of this site or illegal in any way then I am joking about all words mentioned above.

Thanks Fiens,
I'll let you know how it goes if we get a read email.

Get involved!!!

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by santeewelding In reply to MS DOS Script to delete E ...

For how long? Since, for me, tomorrow.

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by Pringlisation In reply to Friends

Not sure what you mean by how long?
Is it how long has this guy been stalking?
On and off for approx 3 years.
Heightened in the last few weeks which is why we are considering getting the police involved again. Ive been going out with her for a year but obviously something like this is not really fair on her and I just want to take the git down. Im not a bad guy at all but this is really killing her.

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Your agitation

by santeewelding In reply to FRIENDS

Is such that you hear not what I say.

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by Pringlisation In reply to Your agitation

You gonna hook me up tomorrow santeewelding?
Sorry Im not aggitated, I just couldnt understand the context of what you wrote.
Nothing more or less.

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Looks like

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Friends

it could be a good thing tomorrow never comes.

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Who is gonna help me?

by Pringlisation In reply to Looks like

Its not that bad. Its not nice for her but I just want to take him down you know?
You'd do the same if it was your partner.

Its a case of he is completely in the wrong and I just wanna smack him with some code to wipe out his pc. There is no requirement at all for sympathy. I have him where i want him and i just wanna wipe out his pc cos it would be fun.

Somebody let me know how to take him down in this circumstance! Please :-)

Appreciate your concern and words though.

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Better, perhaps

by santeewelding In reply to Who is gonna help me?

That you instruct your lady in the use of a chainsaw, refusing meanwhile in having anything to do with her until she can stand on her own.

You, too, unless you are culturally averse to such things.

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Sounds like fun

by Pringlisation In reply to Better, perhaps

But she would be no better than him and she is. Id get a cab out to his place and smash him up myself but that would get me in trouble.

Be more fun to do a little bit of collateral damage on the git though.

Dont worry she can stand on her own two feet but its upsetting for her that some people who she has put in the past dont see their place. Bare in mind we are dealing with someone who is a little bit mentally deranged here. I just want to wipe his pc out. Violence wouldnt solve anything, would just make it worse.

Come on man, have you got any ideas of how to trick this guy. He went so far as to set up an account using Facebook pictures of her that he had saved (before i removed him) to create a new site on another website I got rid of that today and im actually getting fed up of counteracting his moves online. Just want to wipe him out for a bit. Thats not a bad thing is it?

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"But she would be no better than him..."

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Sounds like fun

Then what do you make of yourself?

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Im here to help my gf....!?

by Pringlisation In reply to "But she would be no bett ...

Isn't that obvious?
If you wanna support a stalker then I'll send you his email address and you can become friends

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