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    MS Excel 2000


    by james_ndungu ·

    How to get excel to open a new window, instead of reusing the already open excel session.

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      by dklippert ·

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      Tools>Options Put a check mark in Windows in Taskbar.
      Show or hide multiple program icons on the Windows taskbar
      Selecting this check box will display a separate icon on the Microsoft Windows taskbar for each open window in your Office program. Clearing this check box will display a single icon for your Office program on the Windows taskbar.

      On the Tools menu in your program, click Options, and then click the View tab.
      Select or clear the Windows in taskbar check box.
      Note This option is not available in Windows NT 4.0.

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      by pr0x1 ·

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      IF answer #1 is not what you are looking for since it speaks mostly about the Taskbar (not excel), and you are referring to how in MS-Word you can view 2 documents in 2 seperate windows (even on seperate monitors), I hate to tell you this…. you can’t do that in Excel. Its not a feature that was built in like it is in Word.
      I, like you, work on may things/files/programs at once. Sometimes, I need to have multiple documents and excel files open. Having XP with Dual Monitor is EXCELLENT! The word docs are no problem, I can view docu A on Monitor 1 and Doc B on monitor 2. But Excel? The program must stay in one session.

      HOWEVER – What you CAN do if you have dual monitors, is open the Excel session and drag it manually to cover both screens and split the excel files (cascade) manually across the single session, on both monitors.

      Hope thsi helps.

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      by ka75 ·

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      In your excel window click the ‘window’ menu and slide to the ‘New window…’ option to open a new window. the new window opens with the same sheet used in the main window, but you can change that by opening a different file in the new or the main window.

      Good Luck

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      by b_lal58 ·

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      select “file” on the main menu bar and then click on “new”.

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