MS Excel 2003 Pro SP1 not showing on some PC's

By babadoek ·
Hi all new guy here. Hope someone can help pls.

I have a pc which has Excell installed. Problem is that it does not seem to view excel files that has been zipped and email. It will open/show info of other excel files that was mailed. Problem is that i can open the problem zip file on my pc and other user's pc's. But not on this one pc. It has the same OS and MS Office installed on all pc's.

Anyone have an answer for me pls or idea what i must do to correct it. I am shure it must be a preference or macro setting.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to MS Excel 2003 Pro SP1 not ...

an office detect and repair or open the file on open and repair from excel

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thx for reply

by babadoek In reply to try

Honestly i cant see how it will work. Like i said the actual excel file is fine, it opens on other pc's, so i am thinking that it must be this one pc's excel that needs to be looked at. I will try your solution anyway.

I have saved the excel file to different file name and extensions and i have uninstalled and reinstall excel asswell.

no joy yet

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