MS Exchange 2003 - External mail not being received

By welshsteve76 ·
I know this has been asked in the past but I couldn't find a solution.

Our old router failed so we've replaced it with a new one. It is a NETGEAR DG834G. I have set it up exactly as the old one and our network browsing and internet is fine.

Our outgoing MS Exchange email is working as well, but we are unable to receive emails. When I first set it all up earlier today, we started to receive external emails (I logged onto my home email and sent an email to my work one and it was received straight away), but soon after this stopped, despite making no changes to the router settings at all.

I have entered firewall rules just as the old router had, so inbound traffic on port 25 is being allowed, and should be routing through to the internal IP of of Exchange server.

I'm stuck now and have no idea why this is not working. Can anybody help at all?

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can you telnet into port25?

by robo_dev In reply to MS Exchange 2003 - Extern ...

can you ping the email server?

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by shasca In reply to MS Exchange 2003 - Extern ...

When you send a messge from home now, does it come back as undeliverable? What does the return error say if so? Returned mail messages will give you clues to the problem in many cases

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by welshsteve76 In reply to MS Exchange 2003 - Extern ...

Bizarre as it may seem but this is how I got it resolved.

1. Rebooted the router.
2. Deleted and re-entered the firewall rules.
3. Rebooted the router.
4. Rebooted the server.

No changes other than re-entering firewall rules exactly as they were entered already.

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