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MS Exchange and MS Active Directory

By Dopri ·
Hello everyone,

I'm working on a project to reduce the number of Exchange Servers being deployed worldwide. The customer is using the Active Directory to manage the Exchange Servers and everything that the Active Directory was manufactured to manage.
I was thinking that the data in some of the Exchange Servers stores could be transferred to other Exchange Servers and then linked to the Active Directory at one location and managed centrally - therefore reducing the number of Exchange Servers being deployed drastically. I'm working with more than 70 Exchange Servers, and I'm sure there is a better way. Can anyone help me with this one?

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MS Exchange and MS Active Directory

by McKayTech In reply to MS Exchange and MS Active ...

It really depends on the number and characteristics of your Exchange users and the quality of your connections. With solid connections of T-1 or better between all sites, the limiting factor is really just storage capacity.

Although I've heard that there are Exchange servers out there with 50gig Information Stores, I don't like to push them much beyond 15gig just because backups, restores and database maintenance procedures take so long at that size.

Depending on your e-mail retention policy, that could be as many as 1500 users (if you allow each one to store 10meg of e-mail).

I'd be most interested in the total number of users, but regardless of that number, 70 Exchange servers is a lot to maintain and monitor and I think you're thinking correctly in wanting to reduce the number.


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