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    ms exchange help!!


    by sezua2000 ·

    i have lost my priv1.edb from my exchange server in undefined conditions!!
    i have tried to look and search for it everywhere with no success!!

    how can i find it??
    please advice!!


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      by sezua2000 ·

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      This might help you with your lost priv1.edb…

      by Anonymous ·

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      When you install Exchange 2000 the default location for your databases and transaction log files will be exchsrvr\MDBDATA. One of the main problems with this is the fact that the log files and databases are located on the same physical drive. For disaster recovery purposes it is strongly recommended that the databases be placed on a completely separate physical drive from the transaction log files.

      Moving the Transaction Log Files and System Files to a different location.

      IMPORTANT: I would strongly recommend you perform a FULL backup of your Information Store before attempting to alter the location of the transaction logs or databases. When altering the location of these files, the Store(s) will be dismounted making them inaccessible to your users. The move process can also take a considerable amount of time so you may what to schedule this during non-business hours.

      The Microsoft Exchange 2000 transaction Log files and System Path are per Storage Group, so it is important to remember that altering the location of these files will dismount all the Stores in that Storage Group during the move process. Once the move is completed, the Stores will be remounted.

      In the Exchange System Manager, locate the Storage Group that you would like to modify – in my example (below) the server has only one Storage Group, this is the ?First Storage Group?.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      by kjell_andorsen ·

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      If the file is totally gone, your only option would be to restore from backups. That is assuming the file got deleted and didn’t just get moved somewhere, but you’ve mentioned you’ve tried a search for the file so I would assume it’s no longer on any of the drives.

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