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MS Exchange Server 2003

By fel2k ·
Got a problem installing MS Exchange server 2003 to a separate server from the primary domain. I got an error" got a hardtime contacting the the PDC". Please help.

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by jt In reply to MS Exchange Server 2003

take a look at your event viewer, chances are there are some
userenv and replication service errors in there as well. Double
check your DNS (ESPECIALLY if active directory integrated) and
make sure you can reach a domain controller from that
particular server.

you may also want to make sure siteprep and adprep have been
run (although this is most likely where your getting these errors)
as they extend the active directory to include exchange objects.

Also double check that no firewall or proxy software is
disrupting traffic flow between the exchange server and a
domain controller, it's good to be firewalled but too often people
either opt for too locked down or not enough, in this case it may
be the first one causing your problem.

Also check that you are logged on with a domain account rather
than a local account and that the server's domain account
(computer object in active directory) looks good.

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by rickrbyrne In reply to MS Exchange Server 2003


The last users answers (JT@...) he says "siteprep and adprep" he actually means Forestprep and domainprep, forest meaning once in the forest where you are going to install exchange and domainprep meaning run in any domain that is going to use exchange. Also can you be more specific on what OS you are installing Exchange on, Exchange 2003 is very picky and for installation to go right everything has to be in order. So, if you would post some more information I will do my best to help.

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by hozcanhan In reply to MS Exchange Server 2003

My guess is that at the time you wrote this question the Exchange server installed computer was not able to reach or access other services either . Do you have AD installed on the PDC ? Do you have a Firewall somewhere ? Check the access rights and permissions in your related security and access related software/hardware ..unless your lan cable was unplugged without your consent .....

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