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MS Intellegent Message Filter

By jcdyson ·
I have recently installed the MS Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) onto my Exchange Server. I have configured the SCL to on the Gateway to be 8 and the SCL on the Mailbox to 7 yet I cannot get it to block the UCE coming through (not even the new phishing scams. All this is after other methods such as connection filtering, delay delivery etc. MS help system with the IMF is Poor to say the least.
I have read the documentation and the like as well as checked the blogs, installed the new help file and read everything in there that is remotely related to the IMF all to no avail.

My question is has anyone successfully implemented IMF and if so what do you do to get it right?? I am just getting more frustrated with it as time goes on and I'm considering turning it off and going with another off-the-shelf product.

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May still need reg hack for updates

by TuxedoVilas In reply to MS Intellegent Message Fi ...

Did you do the registry addition so the server will pull pattern updates from MS? Mine did not work until I did that.

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by peter In reply to MS Intellegent Message Fi ...

Well i assume you have done the registery entry to all Automatic updating of the filter evry second wednesday.

also assume you have ticked the IMF filter box on the smtp server you want filtered

So the only other thing is the numbers set are way to high to give SCL (Spam confidence level)number Low enough to filter.

Would also suggest after lowering the numbers to a level were the mail is being blocked that you add the registry key that will enable the SCL number to be added to all blocked emails...

If you also tick the archive UCE email all rejected mail will be archived to C:\programfiles\exchsvr\mailroot\VSI ?\UCEArchive....
her you can see if you have set the number to low and increase it...

Good luck

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