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    MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD


    by dclowers ·

    I recently had a Dell GX150 system running Win2K SP4 just start blue screening at the splash screen and rebooting itself for no apparent reason. It would boot in Safe Mode but thats it. After wiping the drive and reinstalling Windows, and all the myriad of patches, it continued to do this. After another reinstall, I finally noticed it was doing this only after running Windows Update. So I booted to Safe Mode and removed the latest Hot Fix that was on the system, KB840987. The system booted fine. I have had this happen on three other Dells since then. After Automatic Updates run, they are hosed. All I do is boot into Safe Mode, uninstall KB840987, and reboot and they work fine. Most of my other machines are not affected by this. I’m really starting to hate freaking Microsoft.

    Has anybody else been seeing this?


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      M$ KB840987

      by bfolger ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD


      We have had this same issue during saving of a new file with word and excel XP on a W2K enviroment.


      I got a hotfix from M$ KB833314 wich helped but did not sloved it. After removing Symantec AV it stoped but I can’t run 350 machines with out AV.

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      Yes – same problem on GX150

      by gentle ben ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD

      Had same problem today with 2 systems. Removed, and system works fine. Running Symantec AV – need to determine if related.

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        Same on IBM Laptop

        by elaimins ·

        In reply to Yes – same problem on GX150

        Yep. It was worse for me.

        I got the BSOD, rebooted and then got a kernel32 error-which locked the system, and I couldn’t even reboot in safe mode or at all…

        Had to rebuild the box 🙁

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      We have the same problem

      by csmith ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD

      All of our computers had the same problem when saving Word and Excel files. They all have Windows 2k sp4 and NAV. We removed the update.

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        Different Problem w/840987

        by john.m ·

        In reply to We have the same problem

        We have a number of Toshiba Satellites in the office. When we apply KB840987, the notebooks(all of them) get hung indefinitely on “Windows is Starting Up”. Removed the KB and the problem went away.

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          Same w/ Micron TransPort XT2

          by frost ·

          In reply to Different Problem w/840987

          Have experienced the same situation with 2 XT2 laptops, one with Norton Corportate 9.0 and one with Norton AntiVirus 2005

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          Similar problem with KB 885835

          by romano@man ·

          In reply to Different Problem w/840987

          I’ve encountered very similar problem after KB885835 installation. It was necesary to remove it. So – be aware 🙂

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      Dell GX-150 Same Problem

      by yzf_andy ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD

      I also experienced the same problem as described. Both computers are Dell GX-150 systems. I am also running Symantec AV- Corp Edition.

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        Same w/ GX400

        by glenn ·

        In reply to Dell GX-150 Same Problem

        So far this morning we have had 2 GX400’s get the BSOD and get stuck in reboot loop. Both were running W2K SP4. Removing this hotfix solves the problem. Not sure that Symantec AV is involved since Windows never starts.

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      Auto Updates for Some Systems

      by jrice ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD

      It has been a known issue with some auto updates and companies like dell, gateway etc. This is why I hate this feature and usually turn it off. As far as I know this has been an issue for some time however and has always related to Win2k

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      by support ·

      In reply to MS KB840987 hotfix causing BSOD

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