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MS Licensing is Ridiculous!!!!

By madroxxx ·
I currently run a linux sendmail server and my company wants to move to microsoft exchange. I call microsoft to find out about the CAL's I will need and couldn't believe what they told me.
Not only do I have to buy MS Server software, Exchange Software(which is reasonable) I have to buy an exchange CAL and a Windows server CAL. This to me is ridiculous, why should I have to buy a Server CAL if the only way they connect is through exchange? Shouldn't it be assumed that if I buy an exchange CALthat I intend to connewct to the server for the purposes of using exchange?

Shovel on top of this BS the fact that I now have to buy assurance if I want the upgrade they are planning on releasing in the next six months. Was there not a time when software companies promised you all upgrades for the first year to encourage people to still buy products that were near the end of their life cycle?

They sure do make it hard for me to see any advantage to moving from a relatively free email server to one where they try and sap my companies wallet at every turn.

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In their defen$e

by LordInfidel In reply to MS Licensing is Ridiculou ...

They are not the only company that has a convulted licensing scheme.

With Oracle, you don't even own the license and have to renew it every year.

NAI and Nortons Corporate AV products have to be renewed.

Citrix you need Server Cals, TS calsand Citrix cals.

With SQL server you need SQl 7 Cals plus the Server cals.

Most M$ require a seperate cal. It's not that convolted or repulsive if you really think about it. Why should you be able to buy a product and have unlimited use of it.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge propenent of Linux. But sendmail can't hold a candle to exchange. And I love linux.

Once you move to exchange you will find out why it is the premier mail exchanger out there.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to MS Licensing is Ridiculou ...

I imagine the reason you have to purchase a server CAL on top of an application CAL (i.e. SQL or Exchange) is because you could quite possibly use the MS server for file or other application sharing. Then use the defense that it is primarily an Exchange server.
Although I do agree that M$ license fees are somewhat exorbitant.

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