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Hello! I don't know if you could help me with this problem, but I'm at wit's end.

I was hired as the network administrator for our small company, and we're migrating from a disparate network environment of Novell,Unix, and Linux to a MS only environment. My manager does not want to expose the company to legal liabilities for violating Microsoft's software licensing agreements. I was asked to conduct analysis and provide a comprehensive proposal detailing all MS licensing required by this migration project. My proposal will be provided to the purchasing section for pricing and will then be included in the overall project plan and budget documents to be reviewed by the project management team.
The company has only one physical location:
Employees: 70
PCs: 75 (50 PCs are WinXP and 25 are Win 2000)
Laptops: 25 (10 are WinXP and 15 are Win 2000)
Servers: total of 6, all Win 2003
File/Print server: 1
Applications server: 1
Exchange server 2003: 1
Sql Server 2000: 1
Terminal server: 1
Web server: (IIS): 1
The Laptop users travel and connect remotely to the servers listed above. They connect to the terminal server through the Web to run a secure application. Only remote users connect to the terminal server when they are traveling.
All PCs and Laptops were purchased with OEM XP/2000 OS's installed.
My question is this: which, and how many MS licenses the company will be required to purchase to ensure we have adequate legal licenses for all MS products listed above?
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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MS licensing

by mtosoc In reply to MS licensing


My name is Tony Tosoc and I'm an authorized Microsoft reseller. I can help you with part numbers and strategy. However, I need learn a little bit more about the environment. Can you either give me a call or email?

Tony Tosoc

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