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    MS & Lotus


    by edd_polaski ·

    My company uses various flavors of MS Windows and unfortunately, Lotus Notes for email. It is not possible to change from Lotus Notes to Outlook or anything else for that matter.
    My question is how can I use programs like MS Access to email information using Lotus Notes email? I have looked at the help section on this in MS Access and I do not see anything helpful.
    Does anyone know of a work-around or have anything useful?

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      by bughunter ·

      In reply to MS & Lotus

      I found the following links to information that may help (scroll down to the bottom or do a word search on the html page for Notes)

      The following links allow you to use Outlook but with some VBA magic you may be able to use this to import info to Access:

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      If all you want to do is e-mail MS Access files you can just attach them to the Lotus Notes e-mails like any attachment.

      If you want to use MS Access to create mailling lists then you are better of just using the Mail grouping capability already in Lotus Notes, yeah it takes time to set up your own groups but works great once set up.

      Depending upon the version of Notes that you have, and exactly what you want to do, you can IMPORT MS Access databases into Lotus Notes and then convert them to Notes databases.

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      by edd_polaski ·

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      Thanks for the answer but what I wanted to do: is MS Access (if you are familiar w/this application) provides a macro to email reports that I design but only in Outlook. I want to do the same thing but in Lotus Notes. We are using Lotus Notes ver r5.0. Do you have any experience or information on how I can do this ?
      if your answer is satisfactory, I will give you the credit.

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      by joseph moore ·

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      I believe that the Access macro you are talking about does a MAPI call. MAPI is how Outlook works when you have an Exchange server, and Outlook is configured in “corporate/workgroup” mode.
      The Access macro makes the right MAPI call, which triggers the e-mail settings from Outlook to be used. Voila! E-mail sent.

      Now, Notes is NOT a MAPI client in this situation. It cannot connect to a Domino server using MAPI, as far as I know!
      So, my suggestion is that if you have an Access database that needs to e-mail people, then you could do it using an external program call.
      Access can call other external programs to do things from within a macro.
      You could get a copy of BLAT, a command-line based e-mail program, and have Access call Blat and send the e-mail.
      I have used Blat, so that is why I recommend it. IT is here:
      (please remove any spaces)

      You could write a .BAT file that calls Blat with the appropriate e-mail recipients and message text, then just have the Access macro call the .BAT file.

      hope this helps

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      by simonp ·

      In reply to MS & Lotus

      If Lotus Notes is your default email client, Access will work just the same as Outlook. Make the switch through Internet Explorer>Properties>Programs. I use it all the time with the SendObject in Access macros. The only hassle is that Notes insists on opening an new inbox window everytime and sometimes the file extensions are weird.

      Alternately, set up Outlook as a Domino client for youself. You can have both so long as you do not run concurrently.

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