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MS Netmeeting

By vze28t7f ·
Is there any way to simplify MS Netmeeting from being connected? Why the Firewall involved with this? Why it is not like a dial up networking - make a straight connection to the IP address the Netmeeting creating at the time of configuration?
I have a DSL and the when ran IPCONFIG got two IP addresses... 1 for gateway and the other for eathernet card. Which one is the right IP address for connection?

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MS Netmeeting

by Stillatit In reply to MS Netmeeting

Netmeeting is about as simple as it can be. You click on New Call and put in the address of the person hosting the meeting. The connection happens over TCP/IP.

The reason you do not make a straight connection to the target IP address has to do with the way the program allows multi-person meetings. It should not be an issue, since it happens unseen in the background.

When you run IPCONFIG you see an address for your ethernet card. This is your machine's address.

The gateway address isthe address of the router (could be your DSL modem, or could be the router at the far end of your DSL connection), which gives your machine access to the rest of the internet. It is the responsibility of that gateway router to send your traffic to the proper point on the internet and to send internet traffic addressed to you back to you. The gateway address is typically supplied to your machine automatically by the DHCP mechanism which provides your machine with its IP address.

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MS Netmeeting

by vze28t7f In reply to MS Netmeeting

I tried all the the suggestions mentioned elsewhere yet the connection on Netmeeting did not materialize. If firewall/ports etc has a significant roll in the connectivity then why the parties are able communicate (still have sound problem) with each other subscribing to shareware programs like Dwyne/ICQ/ivisit etc.?

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