MS Office 2007 (Excel 2007) and MS Excel 2003

By JB0707 ·
Can I instal and run 2 versions of Ms Excel on the same PC? How?

My PC and Laptop both have Windows XP and MS Office 2007 (Excel 2007) already installed [which is a later version of Ms Office package] but now I have got a "project assgnmt" which only seems to work with MS Excel 2003.

My PC has got 2 internal HDD and I have 500GB Ext usb HDD. 1gb ram.

Can I instal and use Ms Excel 2003 from my 2nd HDD or my EXT HDD while I still have MS Excel 2007 on my 1st Bootup HDD?? Wont I have any conflict with MS Office 2007 (Excel 2007) and MS Excel 2003 as the later is an older version?

Please Help!!

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by PurpleSkys In reply to MS Office 2007 (Excel 200 ...

"save as excel 97-2003 workbook" when you first start your spreadsheet assignment, that should work. That how we are taught where I go to college, some folks don't have Office 2007 at home, they have to save their work that way in order for them to work on their spreadsheets at home and at school.

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save as excel 97-2003 workbook

by JB0707 In reply to choose

Thanx Tech Buddy,

I have done EXACTLY that from my home PC with Ms XP Office 2007 but when I try to re Open the files on the office PCs which uses Ms Excel 2003, an error message "compatability problem, a newer version was used on this file" appears.

Then it refuses to open in readable letters or "appears" to open in "coded symbols" which do not make any sense!!!

Perhaps your college IT Professor missed out some thing or has not YET used a PC with Ms Office 2007 {not reverse compatable, I would assume}

Please Help!

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2003-97 format

by mafergus In reply to save as excel 97-2003 wor ...

It works here fine. Maybe you need to try setting excel to ALWAYS save in 2003 format to see if that makes a difference.

here is the "official" M$ link

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Simple answer No. You'll end up in registry ****..

by cmatthews In reply to MS Office 2007 (Excel 200 ...

..and then the house will burn down. Ok, not really, but I've heard of a work around called "portable office 2003" but it may not work in your case. Since you really need another gig of ram, buy it and put XP inside of a 512meg VM on V-box and install Office 2003 there.

Who knows maybe later, with your new-found knowledge of virtual machines, you may even want to run Linux. Oops, said a bad word! :-)

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Ms Excel 2007 vs Ms Excel 2003

by JB0707 In reply to Simple answer No. You'll ...

Thanx Buddy!

I will check that website about "virtualbox" and compare whether it is economical, other than buying an old 2nd hand PC (for ?50 here in UK), then to instal Ms Excel 2003 to use on this "project"

Surely "LINUX", UNIX (1969 AT&T developed)...etc may be the "future" OS but only problem, it aint yet "commonly" used by everyone worldwide esp. simple "common" public people/ lay p'ple. We need more financers, programmers, software + hardware developers ...etc for LINUX, UNIX ...etc to arrive at its full potentials + usefulness worldwide.

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A possible option depending on your Hardware

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MS Office 2007 (Excel 200 ...

May be to run the Second version of Office as a Virtual Program within a Virtual Machine.

M$ has a Virtual Machine program that they call Virtual PC available for download here

The other option is to Dual Boot the system with a Second OS loaded onto a spare HDD or partition on the HDD inside your computer. You may however need to resize it's partition with something like G Parted available free here


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Second version of Office as a Virtual Program within a Virtual Machine.

by JB0707 In reply to A possible option dependi ...

Thanx Buddy,

I Will give it a try. Let me assume the websites + "downloads" you suggested are "safe" + free of spyware, Trogen horse, adware ...etc

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They are Industry Standard Sites

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Second version of Office ...

And provided you follow safe Browsing Practices are perfectly safe though with any Download you should always confirm that the Files have not been tampered with by checking the MD5.


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save as excel 97-2003 workbook

by JB0707 In reply to They are Industry Standar ...

OK + thanx again.

Hey, what about "save as excel 97-2003 workbook" suggestion???

Did not work for me!! as you will read my reply to the st TechGuy who suggested it.

What do you think?

Please advise!!

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How about just installing the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to save as excel 97-2003 wor ...

Though just as a Cursory Note anything from Microsoft's Web Site may be considered as Suspect and possibly infected or a source of Infection by some people. But then again they insist that Windows is a Infection. :^0

But seriously I have not used Office 2007 for a while now ever since a Tender Submitted to a Government Department as a DOCX form was unreadable by the Department. They just dropped that tender and didn't inform the sender that they where unable to read it.

As 2007 keeps changing it's Native File Format to save in with every Patch and there where millions of $ worth of tenders Involved for some strange reason the companies involved refuse to use O 2007 they want nothing to do with it just like they want nothing to do with Vista. At one place I swear if they had a Guard Dog there they would have set it on the M$ Rep when he told them it wasn't a problem after they had, lost a 24 Billion Tender. Maybe small Change to M$ but to that place it was a few years work and lots of profit.

However if you save the Forms as the 2003 Form it should work though there may be some formatting problems when it is opened on a O 2003 System.


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