MS Office 2007 OEM License

By playerchic88 ·
We have about 15 computers in the office. Six months ago I purchased (5) DELL desktop computers that were pre-loaded with MS Office 2007 Small Business Edition. It came shipped with installation (maybe re-installation) disks. I am about to purchase another laptop computer from Dell (or HP) and Dell is charging $279 to pre-load MS Office SB onto the new computer. I was looking at Amazon and they will sell an OEM License for $220 or so. This is just the license - no media. My question is can I use the disks from my prior DELL computer purchases, buy the OEM license from Amazon to use on the new laptop? I have heard conflicting reports. I know that they have to be the same version - so no problem there. But someone mentioned that on the disks that DELL sends with the computer there was BIOS information and they wouldn't be able to be used on another computer for install. When I install I would use the purchase OEM license number... Thanks for any help or insight. PS: I'm not a techie, obviously....

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You need to check the consumer laws for your location

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MS Office 2007 OEM Licens ...

in some places what you suggest is legal, in others it is not. however there is another aspect. MS create the discs for most of their applications as being suitable for a range of licence keys per disc. Thus some keys will NOT work with some discs. This last is an issue that can only be resolved by asking MS itself.

Usually the Rebuild discs you get from Dell are an image of the system as they ship it and includes the drivers for the system and some other information.

My advice is this:

If you are buying the systems from Dell and your company wishes to stay with the MS Office 2007 SBE, then it's worth the extra money to buy them from Dell with everything fully loaded and part of the Rebuild disc image - should anything go wrong later you have a full comeback on Dell and they can't wiggle out too easily. For a corporate situation the $59.00 difference each isn't work the extra heartburn or trouble of loading it yourself. Try and talk Dell into a better deal if you can.

My personal preference would have been to talk the boss into switching to open Office before buying the first load of laptops.

edit to add - When you buy anything on the Internet, from Amazon or anyone else, you can't be sure it's the exact same version - it may not be the SBE or it may be a Service Pack behind and require a lot of updates too. It may even be a pirate and get you into worse trouble.

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Thanks for the Info

by playerchic88 In reply to You need to check the con ...

Thanks for the feedback...I was interested in saving a little bit of money, but it looks like it will be too complicated. I do appreciate everyone who supplied a post. Have a great weekend! :)

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Microsoft OEM Disks

by TheChas In reply to MS Office 2007 OEM Licens ...

Odds are that the OEM license you purchase from Amazon will not work with your Dell OEM disks.

With major partners like Dell and HP, the OEM product key does have a tie to the hardware and the disk set.

Any "regular" OEM license key will not work with a Dell, HP, or other major OEM disk set.

Also, per the EULA, you do not technically qualify as an OEM as you are not "building" the system.

The above said, if you were to purchase a regular system builder OEM copy of Office with the install disk, you should be able to install that on any 1 computer.

Have you looked into a site license or corporate license for the company? Get in touch with your Microsoft representative, there may be options to you that would end up costing less than purchasing software each time you add a new computer.

Here is a link to a company that has been selling OEM software for years. They may not be the cheapest, but the have a long history.

They have Office 2007 SB OEM for $259 with the disk. Plus, you get an unnamed piece of hardware with your purchase.


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Be very careful here

by tintoman In reply to MS Office 2007 OEM Licens ...

If you buy an OEM version of MS office (and strictly speaking you should only be able to do so if your supplier knows you as a system builder - or supplies you with ESSENTIAL hardware for a computer)you need to buy it for an OFFICE READY pc.
Without doubt Dell will preinstall a trial version of MS office whether you want it or not. If you try to input the OEM license that is is not for an office ready pc it will not work without first removing the trial version.

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