MS office and Outlook 2003 problems

By JVeitch34 ·
Hi, I have just had to re-install my OS...which is Windows XP. Everything went fine and nothing was lost but I can't start up any office applications and Outlook seems to have lost it's access to certain DLL files.

When I look at my Program Configuration menu it doesn't show MS office as installed, but all the files appear to be present.

Can someone explain what happened when I re-installed XP and what I can now do to get Office and more importantly Outlook working again.

I don't have my original installation CD to hand.


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Since there was no mention of

by w2ktechman In reply to MS office and Outlook 200 ...

how you installed Office, or XP, we cannot give you a reason of why it isnt working.

If you just copied the files and folders onto a clean install of Win XP, then Office will not work. It needs to be installed to function. If you did install Office, then you should be able to run the detect and repair option.

Since the original disks are not available, you should contact Microsoft, or purchase a new copy to install it.

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Let me explain

by JVeitch34 In reply to MS office and Outlook 200 ...

I have been running windows XP and Office on my PC for months. All was fine. 1 week ago my PC would not start. Rightly or wrongly I re-installed windows XP. By doing this something has happened to my Office applications. It still shows up on my PC but nothing will work. When I try to run Outlook it can't find associated DLL files and thus does not start. Not be very technical it would seem that Office is still on my system but the DLL files are not in the right places. Is this a common problem and if so, how would I fix it without uninstalling/re-installing. My office installation is from an orignal source, just for clarification.

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It may be original and legal, but

by w2ktechman In reply to Let me explain

if it needs to be re-installed then you will need source disks. If you cannot find your copy, you will need to obtain a copy and license key.
As for the install, if you copied(saved) the folders with the files, then it will not work. The SW needs to be installed as well.
If you upgraded, then the wrong versions of files may be present
If you repaired the install, it should work unless a newer file was changed with an older version, in which case, run all updates for your system, and Office updates.
Or, your HDD may be starting to get bad clusters or unreadable portions. In which case you should obtain a new HDD as well.

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