MS Office Communicator '05

By abwood ·
There's a user in my office that is having issues with Office Communicator '05, but she's at a remote office and I'm a little new to the program. One of her contacts is able to initiate an IM convo with her, but she is unable to initiate a convo with that contact. Any ideas out there?

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Never used it myself....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Office Communicator '0 ...

... but, here's the link to it's web site.

You might be able to find some help there, although the program has been replaced by a newer version.

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What is a 'Convo' ?? My box's dictionary can only find ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to MS Office Communicator '0 ...

Convolute ~ Rolled longitudinally upon itself

I wouldn't mind seeing THAT done in an office!

Mind you, the closest synonym it can find is Pervert - that's even better!


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It's not short for convoy either.

by abwood In reply to What is a 'Convo' ?? My ...

Please pardon my outdated nick-name for a "conversation". :)

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