MS Office/Excel 2007, Win-XP out of resources

By mbmarcus ·
I have seen many similar questions, but I am not sure I have seen a real solution to this problem. I have been able to recreate the problem sometimes, but not always.

I am running Windows XP with Office 2007. The PC is configured with 3.5 GB of RAM. Most of the problems have been in Excel, but I have sometimes had problems in Word and sometimes Outlook. Today I can't even open Microsoft Explorer to view files on my computer.

At first, I thought this was a security/acccess problem on one of my servers. I would open a .CSV file from the server and not be able to save it in any Excel format. In some cases, it would act like the data was being saved, but other times it would not let me save the file at all. If this happened, I would lose all of my changes to the spreadsheet and would need to reboot to be able to work again.

Other times I could not even open a file and would get an out of resources message. This has also happened in Word and once in Outlook.

I have tried to recreate the problem, but I have not been able to force what I think are the conditions that may have contributed to the problem. One time I thought it was lack of access rights to a server, but I had administrator rights to the directory I needed. Another time I had about 5 active spreadsheets opened when I tried to open a CSV file. I do not know what the conditions are when this happens. When I try to recreate the problem, the software seems to work. There must be something going, but I have not been able to recreate it at will.

Has anyone else had this type of problem? Is there a solution? It appears none of my corporate people have been able to help or have much experience using Offic 2007.

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indicates an "out of memory" availability

by CG IT In reply to MS Office/Excel 2007, Win ...

if your hard drive has very low free space for virtual memory, you'll get an out of resource message as the processor can not store tasks in virtual memory, therefore has to process the tasks linearly.

If you have lots of tasks running or open applications and programs, this will chew up available system memory [not virtual memory] which will prompt the out of resource messages.

you also will get them if you try to apply array formulas to entire columns.

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RE: "out of memory"

by mbmarcus In reply to indicates an "out of memo ...

This sounds reasonable, but I have had this happen when I have had many open windows and when I have only a very few open. I did refresh my installation of Office, and it has not happened as frequently. I have 4 GB of memory installed, but my 32-bit operating system will only address 3.5 GB. My system monitor says I have (what should be) plenty of real and virtual memory available and my disk drive is only 47% used and is compressed frequently.

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Missing maintenance

by mbmarcus In reply to MS Office/Excel 2007, Win ...

It appears I was missing 14 Hot Fixes to MS Office. Security blocked them from downloading. So far everything has been good.

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