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MS Office Outlook 2003 TERROR !!!

By Novce4Life ·
Recently i set up a MS Office Outlook 2003 mail account for a user on her PC but she has problems receiving mail. First she couldn't do both send and receive, so i removed Norton Anti Virus from that PC that solved the sending problem. But now the freeking PC wouldn't receive now, it is like spooling the incoming mail and won't let any in. Sometimes it receives and sometimes it dosen't...
What is this PC tell me? I went to the exteme of puting a new c-mos battery in and reseting everytihng that was no help....

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by BFilmFan In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

First, scan the PC for viruses, trojans and malware.

When you state that you set up her email, what sort of server is the client connecting to?

An internal Exchange server?

An internal some other vendor email?

A pop 3 account?


Some internet webmail server?

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by Novce4Life In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

Thanks for having time for this posting dude,
I'll try scaning her PC but we've only just performed a fresh installation.
It is a POP 3 account and i have followed the normal way of setting up our accounts on the local workstations.
I've tried adding a new account on our mail server for her then re-creating her account on her workstation but the same error prompts stating that there was a error receiving mail.
I real am lost....
Fried Brain ~~~:`(

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by dehayes In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

I had a similar problem with my McAfee SpamKiller. All my emails were going to my SpamKiller. Even when I disabled it, it continued to prevent me from receiving my emails. So, I removed the mail account from it. Now I get my emails.

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by BP7226 In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

If Junk Mail Options in MS Outlook are set too high, it will take most if not all email and either delete it or put it in the Junk Mail folder. Have you checked for that possibility?

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by Novce4Life In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

Our mail server is within our network.

This PC is an XP Media Centre Edition OS.

The mail other staff send to this person is not received.

Sending has no problems but receiving mail does.

I have uninstalled the anti-virus in this PC but she still is stubborn...

Does the Firewall on this OS (XP Media Edition) have anything to do with this?

I feel like roating the @#%$!@%#$%^ thing....

Please help this Novice Dude

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by ScriptDummy In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

I know this sounds stupid but cCheck the XP Firewall settings. I've had XP wkts that don't reconize Outlook /Office as 'authorized' Internet software and had to manually 'autorize' them thru the XP Firewall especially after installing SP2.

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by Novce4Life In reply to MS Office Outlook 2003 TE ...

I tried every advice that was posted and none of them worked....
Do i re-install the os?

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