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MS Office Pro 2003 - excel help

By whartmann ·
We are using active directory in Windows 2000 and have a policy setup to only allow the applications within the list to open. When using help in MS Excel help, it says that the operation was unsuccessful due to a program name not being in our list. My question is, does anybody know the filenames that Microsoft uses for the help files. The regular help works however the demos and articles under help will not. Any suggestions?

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by BFilmFan In reply to MS Office Pro 2003 - exce ...

For Office XP it was:

ACMAIN10.chm, ACTOC10.chm,, eula10r.chm, EULA10T.chm, FPMAIN10.chm, fpTOC10.chm, GRAPH10.chm, MCE.chm, mse.chm, MSOHLP10.chm, msphelp.chm, MSQRY32.chm, MSTORE10.chm, NMCHAT.chm, NMWHITEB.chm, OFMAIN10.chm, Olfm10.chm, OLMAIN10.chm, olTOC10.chm, OWCDCH10.chm, OWCDPL10.chm, OWCDSS10.chm, OWCFUN10.chm, owcrch10.chm, OWCRCP10.chm, OWCRPL10.chm, OWCRSS10.chm, OWCVBA10.chm, OWSHLP10.chm, PBMAIN10.chm, pbTOC10.chm, PPMAIN10.chm, ppTOC10.chm, SBCMHELP.chm, VBAAC10.chm, VBAPFD10.chm, VBAFPW10.chm, VBAGR10.chm, VBAOF10.chm, VBAOL10.chm, VBAOWS10.chm, VBAB10.chm, VBAPP10.chm, VBAWD10.chm, VBAXL10.chm, WDMAIN10.chm, wdTOC10.chm, XLADDIN.chm, XLMACRO.chm, XLMAIN10.chm, and xlTOC10.chm.

So any file with a chm extension should be the MS Office Help files.

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by whartmann In reply to Files

I allowed the use of *.chm which should allow any .chm file which is why I think the regular help files are working. However the demo's and articles do not. Thank you for posting all those though.

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