Ms office product key

By colmgdonnelly ·
Hi im just wondering if anyone knows of a way to retrieve my Office product key, i've lost my original disks but am going to attempt to reinstall using another set of disks, but id would need to use my existing product / licence key.


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Very simple

by ComputerCookie In reply to Ms office product key

if your the administrator you should know this!

Get a magic jellybean!

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The magical jelly bean should be no problem to someone who ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Ms office product key

Lives in the land of the 4-leaf clover, should it?

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As suggested before

by Bizzo In reply to Ms office product key

Magic Jellybean. It is a genuine product.

(Just in case you thought they might have been taking the psss.)

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by colmgdonnelly In reply to As suggested before

Thanks i actually did think they were taking the p***, is there no "official" way of obtaining the keys? i want to document all the disks in our company (i.e. this disk belongs to this machine) don't really want to go around installing this "jellybean" software an all our machines.


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I don't think so.

by Bizzo In reply to Thanks

The jellybean software isn't an install, just an executable and a config file. It has command line switches, so you could run it in a login script:

keyfinder.exe /savecsv z:\jellyout\ /close

This will create csv files for all machines it runs on, the files are named the same as the computername.

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Magic Jellybean allows you to change the product

by ComputerCookie In reply to Ms office product key

key after install, for example if you had twenty machines and there were two Office product keys and you used images to reinstall you could change the product keys on those machines as required! (not real clear!!!)

If you are serious about auditing your network and have a decent budget you can try Belarc

The people who now own Aida32 also have network editions! Have a look around you may find something within you budget.

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