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ms office translates my text to squares and circles

By deus ·
i dont know if anyone has been faced by this, ... help me out with this one. I work with ms office, particulary with MS-Word 2000. At sometime, out of the blue, I open up a word document and instead of seeing the text, i see funny "characters" which are similar to squares or funny circles. Atimes they look like the diamonds or flowers in solitaire cards. Anyway.. i try to undo the encoding by installing all the other languages that are not supported initially. Could someone out there help me, thanking you here and then.

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Language support

by BFilmFan In reply to ms office translates my t ...

Are people sending you documents in other than English?

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or dingbat font

by stress junkie In reply to Language support

Maybe the document was generated with a font that you do not have locally. Word may be using a weird local font if it doesn't have the one that the document is supposed to use. The squares and circles et. al. sounds like the dingbat font.

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uha, dingbat font ... sounds like some ancient art of writing

by deus In reply to or dingbat font

hello stress junkie, thank you for that. I do agree with you, i am thinking logically like you did elaborate about the cause of the trouble, ... though i had been able to open this document before without difficulty - the text appeared so well, with real characters. And the other day, it happened .. the dingbat font.. so how can i get over it? Thank you for your contribution

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Make a copy to experiment

by stress junkie In reply to uha, dingbat font ... sou ...

The more I think about it the more I think that it is not the dingbat font specifically. Instead, I think that the document uses a font that you don't have on your machine. The fix is the same either way.

Make a copy of the file. You can use that to do experiments. If it is a font problem open the copy of the document, select the entire document, and then select a different font. Once you apply that different font then either the document will be readable or else I was wrong.


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Are you sure it's a .doc file?

by DMambo In reply to ms office translates my t ...

If your setting on the File -> Open dialog box is set to browse all file types, you could be trying to open files that aren't Word files.

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word document filled with squares and funny circles inplace of text

by deus In reply to Are you sure it's a .doc ...

it is a word document. i am so sure. it is a word document whose text has been substituted by rectangular like figures, at some spots, the words have not been replaced. it is surely a word doc... and opens with ms-word

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Dude, I have the same problem...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help me...Someone...My word document did the same thing and here I am asking for help! There are SQUARES EVERYWHERE! My RESUME and PROJECT THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON FOR 5 freaken years ...HELP!!!!!!!

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Dude, I have the same problem...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by idhashim In reply to Dude, I have the same pro ...

Help me............. Someone Pleas... My document is having the same problem , Iam very sure that it is word document and it is not one many document is having the same problem ,it comes in funny charecter and when I open through File-Open- the file - It gives me some thing like programming laguage which has no base

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