ms or job??

By snowygari ·
i am a student of S.E.
and i am very confused as to whether i should go for doing ms in USA or go for doing job for some years and then do mba.
the fact is,i am most probably going to do business in my future.
but was thinking to get the best education 1st and then go for that i get heavily paid and then i'll be in a position to do something..

sir,please help me.please...

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I would do "ms in USA"....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to ms or job??

Because if you worked and then tried to do your ms education you might miss out. SO go for your education first then find the job that you like.
But that is all up to you.
Good luck.

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in reply

by snowygari In reply to I would do "ms in USA"... ...

but sir,
recession is going on...
do u think by the time i am done with my BE,recession will go off and i will get good education and job over their??
if we do our ms over their and job for some years,i guess 2 years (min) will give me a good job here in india after i come back from US?
what will be my package over year?
and i what kind of job i'll get here??

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A simple answer to your question......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to in reply

With a recession there are a small number of jobs around, so this will be your chance to keep on learning. When you have finished your course (hopefully) the recession should be less. In this day and age there is no guarantee that you will get the job you hope to get, but at least you will have the knowledge and certs to show for it when the time comes. So yes, now is the time to keep on learning.
Good luck.

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thnak u...but

by snowygari In reply to A simple answer to your q ...

thank u...
i guess,i'll go for ms.

i heard,gre's portion is going to change??
is it so??
does the new porion going to be tougher??
do u have any idea as to when is it going to change??
should i give my gre as soon as possible???
as to when should i give my gre,most probably??

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