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MS or MBA???

By n.salooja ·
I need some advice. I currently have a B.S. in MIS and thinking about going for my Masters in Information Systems. I am little confused and worried that my M.S. wont mean a lot. I am double minded now about should i go for MBA with MIS concentration or stick with M.S. in Information Systems. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you can . . .

by j.lupo In reply to MS or MBA???

getting both won't hurt you. The real decision is do you want to eventually move into management. If so, you will need the MBA and the business background. Your experience in Information Systems will be sufficient with the MBA. Hoever, if you don't want management then the MIS is the right track. You can always get the MBA later if you change your career goals.

Just my opinion.

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by jbaker In reply to If you can . . .

From what I have seen, it does not matter matter whether it is a a M.S. or an MBA, as long as you have a Masters degree, you have a Masters degree. The paper will serve you well either way.

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it's ok..

by alov_viano In reply to MS or MBA???

it's ok to get an MS..coz ur currently hav a B.S. right?but it's ok too n good if u combine a BS with MBA..maybe u'll need it in ur company...
btw do u know anything bout billing and account receivable information system?the meanin of it,the DFD or maybe flowchart?

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Accounts receivable

by n.salooja In reply to it's ok..

Yes i have a B.S. in MIS. From what i understand Accounts and Billing Information system deals with business aspect with some computer knowledge and using applications that use computers. I think it is also called Financial Information Systems. I will try to find more information for you if you want. Also i work for government agency and yes i do plan on going into management but as of right now i want to go for network administrator if possible but if i get a chance to go into management i wont mind that at all. My responsibilites are of a manager at this time.

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Where do you want to take your career?

by pmoleski In reply to MS or MBA???

A technical degree supplemented with an MBA is widely recognized and opens doors into many other areas of companies beyond IT and also helps with getting into senior level positions within IT. I am currently mid way through my own career and have a CIO level IT job with a Bachelor degree in Engineering so I have also pondered whether to go back to school. A MS would not further my IT career. An MBA would open doors to the rest of the executive suite. The same could also be accomplished by taking a position is a non-IT business area to broaden my background. An MBA also makes it easier to jump between industries at the CIO level.

Unless you are planning to be an IT researcher or university professor what you do on the job with your career is more important then getting further IT degrees if you are working in a technical area in industry. If I went back to school I would take an MBA as I am not interested in research or teaching.

So it comes down to where are you at in your career and where do you want to get to?

Good luck with your career

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Re: Where do you want to go take your career

by n.salooja In reply to Where do you want to take ...

I currently work for state govt and will have 5 years of experience in IT field. I started off as a data entry person and then moved into help desk and now assistant manager. The manager is retiring end of this year and i can move into his title then. Basically i want to get into teaching but not comptuer teaching. If anything math or english teacher in junior high or high school. I decided to go for M.S. instead of MBA because i dont feel like taking GMAT test which is a requirement to get accepted to MBA program. Now if i really want and which i might end up doing is that after i finish my M.S. in Information Systems i might end up going for MBA. I agree with you that MBA will open lot of doors and i also know that in govt having a M.S in any field will open doors too. Also i am currently working on certifications too like A+ and MCDST and then go for Network+ and MCSE, MCSA and CCNA. Hopefully that will make me a desireable canditate in both public and private sector. Also i believe that with my B.S. in MIS i have gained both business and computer knowledge that can be really usefull to me and can open doors.

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by jdmercha In reply to Re: Where do you want to ...

"Basically i want to get into teaching..."

If that is the case, then you want an MS in education.

Otherwise an MBA will open more doors than an MS in IS.

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Have to agree about teaching

by j.lupo In reply to

I spent 15 years teaching at a local community college. If you want to teach, then you will need an Education degree and teachers certification. If you want to teach at a university then you will need a doctorate. Just the way academia works friends. :)

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Re: have to agree about teaching

by n.salooja In reply to Have to agree about teach ...

I want to teach junior high or high school so if you could tell me what i need i would really appreciate. Just to tell you i have a B.S. in MIS and working on M.S. in Information Systems. I want to teach english in junior or high school. Honesly i wont go teaching for atleast few years so i have some time to meet the requirements for teaching.

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Teaching Requirements

by j.lupo In reply to Re: have to agree about t ...

Well different states have different requirements to a point. Having any masters will be useful. There is a strong need for Math teachers and math and computers go pretty much together.

Now what you need to do is contact the board of ed in your area and ask them. There is teaching certifications, Masters degrees in Ed. At the high school level a masters is generally enough, but you will need that teachers certification. Because of the the need for Math teachers you can usually get a position teaching and then get the cert while working.

Check with your board of education first though. In NJ there is also a special test for subject matter at the different grade levels.

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