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MS OS blinded by social trending

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If Microsoft fails to keep the desktop user in prime focus in terms of computing OS that will be Microsoft's failure. I and many like me don't want or appreciate all stuff stuffed into one tool that does nothing well. I'm still looking for a cell phone maker who actually makes cellphones and not tiny Xboxes with a camera thrown in. I have a camera and I have a PC for gaming. No cell phone comes close to the performance of either. Now how about that phone that excels as a phone. You know, for making calls with.

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Here I'm assuming that this post is in relation

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MS OS blinded by social t ...

To the Discussion on Windows 8 being a Metro User Interface only.

What you need to remember is that the Development Version of 8 that is currently available isn't even a Beta and was specifically released for App Developers to Develop Apps for the Mobile Environment not the Work Station Environment.

The fact that it is geared to a MobileType Platform isn't the slightest bit surprising and anybody who believes that looking at what is currently available and extrapolating out from that is what will be the Finial Product is not only an Idiot but a Blithering Idiot. So that involves most of the Tech Jurnos that are writing as what they are looking at as 8 must be the Finial Product not a Development Product that was specifically geared for Limited Release to give the Mobile Windows 8 Platform an App Base that would make it competitive with what is currently available from both Apple and Android from the date of release is just playing with themselves and in their current writing is only showing just how limited they actually are.

8 will be 1 OS for all Platforms at the moment we are only seeing the Low Powered Side of the OS and the Desktop Side is no where to be seen in the current Pre Beta Test Version. Any Fool would see it as exactly what the Development Release actually is if they could open their eyes even slightly or if they read the M$ Spiel that was put out when the Development Version was made available to Developers.

Personally I wouldn't expect a Beta Release to have much in common with the end product and this I don't expect to have anything at all in common with what eventually becomes the RTM Version of whatever it ends up being called other than it being able to run Apps developed for the Mobile Platform and even then I would expect some Rewriting to be required.


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