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    ms outlook 2003


    by sezua2000 ·

    Hi TechRepublic,

    I have experience this problem with outlook.
    there is message pop up once i click on the calendar to view my events.


    “there was a problem reading one or mre of you reminders. Some reminders may not appear. Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment.”

    i have uninstall office 2003, that is wat iam using so as i can reset the settinds but still it occurs as it was.

    i have tried to reset everything, but still the problem persist.

    Please advice wat has been wrong if you have come accross this situation.
    wat could be the source?
    how to avoid it?
    wat could be the solution for it?


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      by sezua2000 ·

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      by mamies ·

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      I think it may have something to do with some or even one of the reminders you may have set.

      If you delete all the reminders and re enter them it may just eliminate the issue?

      Unsure what caused it, have you been syncing your phone or a PDA to outlook, an error may have occured in this transfer

      Please notify me of the result

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        by sezua2000 ·

        In reply to Maybe

        the problem was;
        There was one of the reoccurance reminder was corrupted that blocked others to be loaded.

        find all the reoccurance reminders, then open one by one until you find one which will not accept to open in other words, the error dialog box will pop up.

        Delete the reminder and reset/ add it again.
        keep searching until the final reminder the process is the same once you find the other one which is corrupted.

        Once you have finished restart the outlook and monitor it if it will re-appear again.

        Otherwise, the problem will be solved.

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