MS Outlook 2003 New Mail Message Taskbar Grouped in MS Words Taskbar

By mktck ·
Hi There,

I did some search on the forum and did not find the issue i am encountering, please pardon me and redirect if my search was not thorough enough. Here is my issue:

When I click to edit a new mail in Outlook 2003, the "new message" taskbar is grouped together with the MS Words taskbar instead of in the MS Outlook taskbar.

This occurs after i reinstalled Words. Before reinstallation of Words, the grouping is with the Outlook 2003 taskbar.

Any idea how i can revert the taskbar grouping without reinstalling Outlook? There is a lot of cached information in Outlook i cannot loose.

Appreciate any help.

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Turn off WORD as your email editor.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Outlook 2003 New Mail ...

That will keep the editing local to Outlook and not start up WORD every time you click Edit.

In Outlook 2003, it's at Tools -> Options -> Mail Format tab.... uncheck both checkboxes in the Message Format area near the top.

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MS Word does not start, but taskbar is group with MS Words taskbars

by mktck In reply to Turn off WORD as your ema ...

The MS Word does not start when a new message is clicked. It is the editor in "new message" window, means I can display dynamic content. The issue here is "new message" and MS Words taskbars are in the same group. "new message" group should be in MS Oulook taskbar...

Any comments pls..

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I am not sure I understand the problem....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Word does not start, b ...

Perhaps, if you could show us a screen capture of what you're talking about, we could clear up the confusion.

However, if what you're saying is that the toolbars are not acting correctly in Outlook, then simply resetting the toolbars should take care of it.

On which ever toolbar is not acting correctly, there should be a drop down arrow at the right end of the toolbar. Click it, then locate and click the Reset Toolbar option.

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Not Toolbars, but taskbars.

by mktck In reply to I am not sure I understan ...

Thanks for your help. Maybe i try to be more illustrative.

When we click New in outlook, a new mail compose window open right? this window is grouped together with the ms words windows on the windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen, instead of being grouped with outlook itself.

On outlook 2007, when i click new, the new mail compose window is grouped with the outlook taskbars.

Taskbars here denote the bars at the bottom of the screen when multiple windows of the same program, eg IE, is open together, it will group together.

Any idea?

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