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    ms outlook 2003 rules


    by octshik ·

    In my MS-outlook 2003 i have mails which comes from several people with same comapny example like


    i have created a folder as company under the inbox and i want to set the rule like who ever sends me a mail from it should arrive in company folder under my inbox.

    At present i am not knowing how to setup that rule, i am getting in to each person mail and creating a rule for that. Is there any other method to setup the rule in outlook where at once all the mails from can come in to the folder and the rule should be like this in future who ever sends me a mail from it should automatically come to the company folder. There are more than 100 peoples sending me mails everyday from and there are more than thousands mails in inbox and i want to separate those.

    anybody help me…


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      by octshik ·

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      From scratch, not template.

      by seanferd ·

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      Or you will be very limited.

      When message arrives.
      Click Next.
      With specific words in sender’s address.
      Click “specific words” and add the mail domain name.

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