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MS Outlook 2007 Delegate Question

By photogirl629 ·
I have researched until I cannot research anymore. MS Office Online does not answer this question.

I am a delegate for my manager at work. She has given me EDITOR permissions for her calendar and tasks! In 2003 version of Outlook, I could print her calendar with her task list on it. In the 2007 version, I cannot print her calendar with the task list on it.

Would anyone happen to know why this is happening and is there a fix for this issue. By the way, yes I have the drop down box showing task list when I am in her calendar on my computer.

Thank you very much for the information!

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by BFilmFan In reply to MS Outlook 2007 Delegate ...

The symptom is caused by the design change on the product. In the outlook 2007, the delegates who need to print their manager's tasks will go to the Task view, open the manager's Task folder, and then print them

This limitation in outlook 2007 can be overcome partially by using Calendar Printing Assistant tool ( The tool is able to print shared tasks but limited to where it will only print tasks if it has a due date and then the due date must be past or today?s date. If you print a Daily style calendar for a future date, such as tomorrow, the tasks that are past due will not print. It will only print tasks on a calendar for today's date. Outlook 2003 does not have these limitations.

My recommendation is to use a SharePoint shared calendar, if you have that available to you or use a third-party calendaring solution if those task lists are important.

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Thank you

by photogirl629 In reply to Anser

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I was reading online regarding the Calendar Printing Tool. I will take this answer back to work this week and see if they will download the calendar printing assistant tool. Once again. Thank you very much.

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Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant

by photogirl629 In reply to MS Outlook 2007 Delegate ...

I have downloaded the printing assistant for Outlook, however, when I click on my boss's calendar, the view is still my tasks and not hers????

I may have to explore the options I guess to see if something is not checked or unchecked. I can print her calendar, however, with my daily task list. I need her task list to print with her calendar.

Any suggestions?
Thank you again for all of your assistance.

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