MS Outlook 2007 - email view shrunk to unreadable!

By ciavyn ·
Hello - I have MS outlook 2007, which has worked fine for almost a year. However, this morning when I tried to reply to an email, it shrunk the view of the email so tiny, I can't read it. It does the same with newly generated outgoing emails as well. The font reads calibri 12 pt (I've tried changing the font, to no avail), and only changing it to an extreme size - 26 or 32 - makes it readable. But it means the recipient of my emails gets a ridiculously large font! I have changed nothing in the program, and last night, it worked like normal. I have no idea what has happened. Any suggestions?

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Try this out for your Sometimes small and big emails..

Go into Outlook and click on where it says "Messages", a box will drop down, scroll down to where it says "Define Views" and click on it, now another box opens. you should see "<Current view settings>", on the right panel you will see a "Modify" button, click on this and another box will open, this will be called "Customize View messages", click on the button that says "Other settings", now in this box you can change the fonts to any size you want. Hope this helps you out.

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We solved

by luca.lazzarini In reply to MS Outlook 2007 - email v ...

Same problem with Outlook 2007 on Windows XP.
We solved just removing and re-installing Calibri font in windows fonts directory.
Do not delete the font, just move out from windows\font folder , restart the system and copy the font files again.
good luck

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