MS Outlook Contact detail updates

By mhahmann ·
Running Exchange Server 2000. (Upgrading soon). I have changed some users "Display name" in AD Users and Computers. So instead of just Martin Hahmann in the display name, it is now "Martin Hahmann (IT Manager)" as an example. How can this be updated to all users, using Outlook 2003, when they send a new email, as now the old name is still being used.

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It will auto-update.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Outlook Contact detail ...

If you're talking about the display name in the Outlook 2003 user's contact list, it will auto-update.

However, if you're talking about the individual lists of recently used addresses that pops up when someone starts typing an address in the TO/CC fields, those are stored as individual files on each computer in the NK2 file. You would need to issue instructions for each user to delete their NK2 file and allow Outlook to recreate it (ie: start learning all over again). Or, you can instruct your users to delete individual entries in the NK2 file by starting to type a name that you've updated, see it on the list, scroll down to it with the arrow key and press the delete key. Either way, the next time they want to send to that address, they'll have to click the TO button and select it from their contact list and allow Outlook to learn all over again.

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Where do I find the NK2 file?

by mhahmann In reply to It will auto-update.....

Thank you so much for your help, it works perfectly, I just want to know where to find the NK2 file. I want to delete it on my own PC to see what the effect will be. Most users have many external email contacts which they dont want to lose, so this option probably wont work for them.

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