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MS Outlook creating message files in C:

By t8ny ·
I am running WinXP all patched with latest updates with Outlook 2002 again all latest updates loaded. The problem I am having is the although everything is working as expected, I recently noticed that messages that I receive in Outlook, seem to create a file in the root of the c: drive, one file is created for each message received. These files can be deleted when Outlook is closed and there is no loss of any data from with in the Outlook inbox? I have searched my system and checked it for spyware, virus or other nasty software, but it is clean. the file names are s2lg.1 s2lg.2 etc and s3nc.1 s3nc.2 etc, on opening these files via wordpad you can see all details of the email including message gateways, headers, body of mail text etc, the file size also equals the size of the file in Outlook including attachment size.

Does anyone have any ideas why these files have started to appear


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by Tink! In reply to MS Outlook creating messa ...

What Anti-virus software are you running?
It is possible that the anti-virus program is creating a file each time it scans an email.

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by t8ny In reply to MS Outlook creating messa ...

Hi I am running Norton Internet Security 2005 and the problem only started a few weeks ago, I have looked at the properties of the files and there is no indication of which application is creating the files. Turing off the antivirus does not stop the files being created.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MS Outlook creating messa ...

First install a couple of Spy Ware programs Spy Bot S & D and Ad aware will do then update them and make sure that Norton's AV is currently up to date then shut down your system and restart it in Safe Mode and then scan for Virus and Spy Ware.

You'll be surprised the difference that is made by running in Safe Mode and what will be picked up that will not be picked up when running in Normal Mode.

If you have any infections this will remove them and it may cure the Problem.

Unfortunately Norton's Internet Security isn't my favorite AV Tool mostly because I've had a lot of bad experiences with the so called firewall side of the program so I now never use it and that is since the original version was released. I've found Norton's AV by itself perfectly OK as well as Norton's System Works both work perfectly on XP but I've had no end of problems with Norton's Internet Security.

But leaving my personal bias aside if you install both the above free programs and after updating them run in safe mode you can be fairly sure that your system is clean and then reply back with what if anything is happening. It sounds very much like some form of Mal ware infection and there is always the possibility of those created files in the Root being passed along to another person.

Remember Norton's is one of the biggest selling AV products at the moment and there are a lot of people who know how to break it but make it appear to be working properly, so a trial version of one of the lesser known AV programs might show something that Norton's is incapable of showing.

You can get Spy Bot at

Adaware at

Zondex an AV trial at


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Did you ever resolve this: MS Outlook creating message files in C:

by johnnynyc In reply to MS Outlook creating messa ...

I'm experiencing the same problem. Did you find an answer?


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