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MS Outlook is "shrinking "text" when forwarding/reply is clicked on...

By lordpongo ·
My MS..XP Outlook is shrinking the mail text when the forwarding or reply options are used...The text regains size at other end ...but the immediate reaction to the forward command is a reduction of 1000% of the on screen text size.....I had previously been re-sizing image inserts in Outlook mail and I suspect that the reduction has been made the default size for everything....Help please...

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Check your font...

by Jellimonsta In reply to MS Outlook is "shrinking ...

While in Outlook, go to Tools>Options>Mail Format>Fonts.
Ensure the 'When replying for forwarding' is the desired font.

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Thanks for the tip...However this was tried but did not fix problem.

by lordpongo In reply to Check your font...

The answer must be in the re-sizing of the text window....the shading and shape of the window size shrinks to a fraction of the correct size...All the text that is in the original goes to a tiny size that is barely readable...but still conforms to standard when sent to recipient. Does anyone know if the "image insert" window would remain permanently changed to a small size...?

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Shrinking Text....Solved at last.

by lordpongo In reply to Thanks for the tip...Howe ...

It seems that this the the "zoom" control in the "format Text" when sending a new e mail last time....and the setting stayed at a reduced amount....and did not return to the default when the Outlook was closed....interesting and annoying.I have just re-set the zoom value to 100% so that all my fonts are now back to the correct size.Thanks for all the input.

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Try these for your "shrinking "text" issues...

I don't want to install the Hotfix but need to fix the shrink to fit problem. What can I do until the fix hits general release?

lf your emails are causing a problem for recipients, have a close look at your email header or footer because that is often the cause of the problem. Now, I'm not sure I can explain this properly, but my understanding of what is often happening is that very long headers or footers, if incorrectly formatted, will not "wrap" properly, and IE's shrink to fit engine will try to shrink the resulting long, unbreakable, string of text enough to allow it to fit on to the page. The shrink to fit engine cannot selectively shrink some bits of text more than others, so if you have one line (that long header or footer) that is a problem, the *entire* print job will be shrunk by the same amount, leading to the tiny fonts that people see.

A point of interest is that such a failure of text to wrap to the page properly has been around for a long time; for example, newsgroup postings made using Outlook Express and Mime Quoted Printable formatting are notorious for failing to wrap properly in non-MS news readers. Xnews is a product that comes to mind - I have to enable the "Word Wrap" feature before newsgroup postings made using OE and MQP will wrap properly. I also see an occasional problem with emails when using my Webmail client (MailExpress).

If you are having problems with emails that are being received, forward them to youself (deleting any header or signature) and then print. If you can, view the message in plain text and print that way as well. A workaround that you can try if you need to preserve the original format, is print to PDF and then print the resulting PDF file - I'll admit, I have not tried that, but it occurs to me now that it just might work. If you do not have Adobe or NitroPDF that give you the ability to print to PDF, then there are many freeware PDFing products out there.
More here:

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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