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MS Outlook/Outlook Express Free Download Inquiry?!

By LBL Labs ·
Interested in downloading a Free copy of MS Outlook/Outlook Express.
Suggestions Welcome...

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What operating system

by jdmercha In reply to MS Outlook/Outlook Expres ...

Outlook is not free, it comes with MS Office.
Outlook Express comes free with Windows.

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If you upgrade your copy of

by JamesRL In reply to What operating system

Internet Explorer, you will get a copy of Outlook Express(Windows OS of course).


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Outlook Inquiry?!

by LBL Labs In reply to If you upgrade your copy ...

Yea, If I Upgrade to SP2...
trying to avoid that!

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MS Outlook Inquiry?!

by LBL Labs In reply to What operating system

XP Home w/Ofc XP Pro.
Attempting Ofc reload as Outlook.exe didn't install.
Possible OS/Ofc config conflict!?

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well millions of others...

by JamesRL In reply to MS Outlook Inquiry?!

Haven't had a problem - its not likely a problem between those two apps, but something else. If there is one thing that MS works hard at is ensuring that MS Office works well with the current OS.

I would uninstall MS Office, update your copy of the OS to the latest(SP2) and try re-installing MS office.

I see in your other post you don't want to upgrade to SP2. I too had some problems, but resoved them, and am happy to be on SP2 overall. SP2 works relatively well if you have done a through removal of viruses, spyware and funky third party utilities and applications.


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by TheChas In reply to MS Outlook Inquiry?!

Office XP was released along with Windows XP. Both products are compatible.

Have you tried going to www.microsoft.com/office and running Office Update?

Alternately, I recommend that you give Mozilla Thunderbird a try.

Thunderbird is a stand alone email client. Not as powerful as Outlook, but a step or 2 above OE.


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T-bird rocks...

by house In reply to Companions

The new Sunbird project provides a calendar solution.

One addon for Thunderbird, that really caught my interest, was the 'Thundertray' project. I've set it up, but then noticed some issues with the latest beta... you cannot configure your options, preferences, and settings if you use Thundertray to open Thunderbird.

In time though... perhaps, I will check in with the project again.

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