MS Paint taking long to open

By ryno ·
Hi, i have this problem,

My MS Paint takes about 15 minutes to open in Windows XP, if anyone knows how to fix this please reply!


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by LarryD4 In reply to MS Paint taking long to o ...

Ok one question, 15 miuntes to open Paint by itself or ar you double clicking on an image that is loading in to Paint?

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RE: Really

by ryno In reply to Really?


Yes it takes 15 minutes from the time i double clicked the icon until it opens up, do you have any suggestions?

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Other Apps

by shasca In reply to MS Paint taking long to o ...

Is this the only problem Application on this PC?
My first assumption would be that you have other issues that have degraded total PC performance since Paint is such a simple, resource light program.

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RE: Other Apps

by ryno In reply to Other Apps


Yes this is the only app that has this problem on this PC, what do you mean by " have other issues that have degraded total PC performance" like what issues can that be?

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See if this will help

by Jacky Howe In reply to MS Paint taking long to o ...

Uninstall and reinstall MS Paint in Windows XP
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.</i>
<i>If you think that any of the posts that have been made by all TR Members, have solved or contributed to solving the problem, please Mark them as <b>Helpful</b> so that others may benefit from the outcome.

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RE: See if this will help

by ryno In reply to See if this will help


Thanks for the reply, but it did not work do you have any other suggestions?

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A bit more information would be helpful ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RE: See if this will help

How exactly did uninstall/reinstall "not work"??

Could you not uninstall?
Could you not install again?
Could you not be bothered trying?


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RE: A bit more information would be helpful ...

by ryno In reply to A bit more information wo ...


I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and it still does the same thing

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Ok, try these methods out to see if it fixes your Paint issue..

See how you go with these methods to slightly speed up your system. :)

Method 1.

Running CHKDSK
One way to run a chkdsk (this is like Scandisk that was with Win9X), is to
1.Double click on My Computer
2.Right click on the drive you want to check
3.Select Properties
4.Click on the Tools tab
5.Click on the Check Now button
6.Check to Automatically fix file system errors - This is the same as running chkdsk /f
7.If you want to Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, check that box - This is the same as running chkdsk /R. It can also add a lot of time to the scan
8.Reboot if necessary
Method 2.

Cleaning the Prefetch Directory
WindowsXP has a new feature called Prefetch. This keeps a shortcut to recently used programs.
However it can fill up with old and obsolete programs.
To clean this periodically go to:
1.Start / Run / Prefetch
2.Press Ctrl-A to highlight all the files
3.Delete them
Method 3.

Repair Install
If XP is corrupted to the point where none of the previous solutions get it to boot,
you can do a Repair Install that might work as well as keep the current settings.
Make sure you have your valid WindowsXP key.
The whole process takes about half an hour depending on your computer
If you are being prompted for the administrator's password, you need to choose the 2nd repair option, not the first.
1.Insert and boot from your WindowsXP CD
2.At the second R=Repair option, press the R key
3.This will start the repair
4.Press F8 for I Agree at the Licensing Agreement
5.Press R when the directory where WindowsXP is installed is shown. Typically this is C:\WINDOWS
6.It will then check the C: drive and start copying files
7.It will automatically reboot when needed. Keep the CD in the drive.
8.You will then see the graphic part of the repair that is like during a normal install of XP (Collecting Information, Dynamic Update, Preparing Installation, Installing Windows, Finalizing Installation)
9.When prompted, click on the Next button
10.When prompted, enter your XP key
11.Normally you will want to keep the same Workgroup or Domain name
12.The computer will reboot
13.Then you will have the same screens as a normal XP Install
14.Activate if you want (usually a good idea)
15.Register if you want (but not necessary)
17.At this point you should be able to log in with any existing accounts.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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RE: Ok, try these methods out to see if it fixes your Paint issue..

by ryno In reply to Ok, try these methods out ...


I have done method 1 and it did not fix the problem, but method 2 does not work when i go start / run / Prefetch then i get the following error:

Windows cannot find "Prefetch", Make sure that you have typed the name in correctly...

where can i find this folder manually?

I will try to do method 3 this weekend

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