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    Ms powerpoint


    by prakashl ·

    I have a powerpoint presentation bith a specific design template. I need to copy these slides into the company’s new temmplate with the company;s logo. I do not want to cut and paste each slide I know I can insert the slides using the insert files option, but it does not take the format of the new design??

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      As you are using different templates when you import the data you are loosing the formating that was applied to through the old Template and allowing the new template to apply it’s own formatting that’s why they look different.

      The best way is to Cut & Paste or Copy & Paste till the slide is correct in the formating that you require.


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      by ak47 ·

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      If you already have the company design template, you can goto [format] and select apply design template, select your company design template and it will automatically copy the company design over all the ppt screens.

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      by dklippert ·

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      It depends on your version. 2003+ allow multiple formats.

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