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    MS Project 2003 Resource Pool Issue


    by wim.lockefeer ·

    Hi –

    We use stand alone versions of Microsoft Project 2003, with all project files on a shared folder on a server, along with a shared resource pool.

    I’ve recently noticed that certain project files are connected to the resource pool (in that they ask to open te resource pool when you open them), but when opening the resource pool itself, they are not listed in the linked files list.

    This has as a result that the resource info from these project doesn’t show up in the resource usage pane of other projects, which the PM’s use to evaluate resource availability.

    I have tried connecting the files to the resource pool again as explained on the MS site (, but to no avail.

    The projects are all set up with pool having precedence.

    Anybody any ideas on how to solve this ?

    Thanks a mill.


    Wim Lockefeer
    Project support
    Boondoggle NV

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      by wim.lockefeer ·

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      Re: MS Project 2003 Resource Pool Issue

      by jblack ·

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      I can’t say that I have ever seen this situation, but would suggest disconnecting and trying to reconnect:
      1. Open the project
      2. Change settings to Use own resources
      3. Close and save the project
      4. Open the resource pool, ensure there is no link remaining to this project
      5. Close and save the resource pool
      6. Open the resource pool
      7. Open the project
      8. Go to >Tools, >Resource Sharing, >Share Resources, Select Resource Pool and pool takes precedence.
      9. Close and save

      Hope this works!
      For additional articles on resource pool, try this link:

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