MS SBS2003 remote access problem

By Guru Of D0S ·
We have three offices worldwide, plus some of our people often work from home.

Everything is fine and everyone can connect remotely with no problems until:

Two users attempt to log on from the same location, i.e, a hotel wifi/lan or via a router in the same office.

Put it this way....if Fred tries to log on from home (via his home ISP) and George logs on from his office, via his office ISP....both using Connect to SBS, no problem. If Fred however, goes into the office with George, and they both connect to the internet via the office router, then only the first person to connect will be allowed. The second attempt to connect validates the username correctly, but just sits there forever trying to authenticate the connection.

Is this an issue with both remote users attempting to connect from the same public IP address (i.e. SBS having a hissy fit because of the same incoming IP address) or because of some other reason?! Mebbe it's because the routers at the office location or at home can't route two VPN channels simultaneously?!

My wife and I both need to work from home on occasional days and it's a pain in the arse to have to log one of us off so the other can log on to access a network drive or whatever. Email isn't an issue of course, because we can use web access.

How do we connect two people in simultaneously from the same remote location?!!

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all depends

by CG IT In reply to MS SBS2003 remote access ...

SBS doesn't care what public address is used to connect remotely only that 1. the # of connections allowed isn't exceeded 2. rules allow the remote connection. 3. the user is allow remote access 4.users provide credentials.

I would check your perimeter firewall on the # of VPN concurrent connections are allowed.

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