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MS Server 2K3 backup utility

By jason ·
We are a small (but rapidly growing) company. My network consists of four offices, each with it's own Domain Controller.
I have been using xxcopy (in a batch file) as a nightly differential backup, but it seems to be hit or miss; the backed-up files are sometimes corrupted or missing the next morning.
Could anyone advise me on a utility to use with Windows Server 2003 that will prove more reliable than xxcopy?

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Get a real backup program

by pgm554 In reply to MS Server 2K3 backup util ...

Get a real backup program like Backup Exec from Veritas or Brightstor from CA.

If you thought you were saving money by using a windows utility, try do a cost analysis on what it would cost you in say something like a lawsuit or lost productivity if you data went south. (And I have seen it happen!)
Have a conversation with an AR software company like ?Hey, all of your AR is trashed, too bad, restore from a backup.Oh, your backup is bad, well sorry, we ain't liable.?

Remember, this is Microsoft your dealing with.
And basically the EULA says, if their software screws up and trashes your data completely, they ain't libel, you are.

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