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MS SQL / SMS 2.0 SP2 Connectivity Issue

By bbuechler ·
This is more a SQL Server question then it is an SMS question.

SMS is trying to access it's SQL server and cannot. This is due to the fact that (I believe) A) The ODBC DSN's are not properly configured, and B) SMS and the DSN's are not using the proper SQL user names.

Here's the issue: I don't remember what account and password we used for the SQL server. If I saw the user name, I probably would know the password for it (since I originally set it up). I believe we stuck with the standard of "SA" but I'm not sure.

Is there any way to at least see a list of the SQL Server users? Anything I can do besides reinstalling SQL?

If I have to reinstall SQL, will that harm SMS?

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MS SQL / SMS 2.0 SP2 Connectivity Issue

by pVp In reply to MS SQL / SMS 2.0 SP2 Conn ...

The sa login should always be there (around 6.x or 7, sa cannot be dropped--thank a decade of stupid sa's who committed suicide!), and hopefully you know that password; else reinstallation is your only option.

Logged in as sa, you can use sp_helplogins to find out all the logins on the server.

Within each db, you can use sp_helpuser to find out which logins map to which users in that db.

I don't know if reinstalling SQL Server will do anything to your SMS installation.

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