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MS sucky word processors

By jhallen ·
Why does Microsoft make its different word processing programs unable to read one another? And why doesn't Word Pad have a spell checker? Lotus Word Pro, no longer produced or supported, could read EVERYTHING and convert it to usable text/Format.

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OpenOffice opens and reads everything, including all

by Deadly Ernest In reply to MS sucky word processors

of the MS Words variants,

Forwritting stories I find that WordPad (if I have to use a MS product) is the best option as it is simple and saves EXACTLY as you type.

I have ahd variants of Word auto correct spelling 'errors' (ie deliberately mispelt words) when the auto check is turned off - seems impossible to turn off all the MS Features in any product.

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DE, I think that is because MS

by j.lupo In reply to OpenOffice opens and read ...

tries to "Idiot" proof the software. So they are trying to save us from ourselves. I know that I have had issues with capitalization. I sometimes want my sentence to begin with a lower case letter, for example, eRequest is down at the moment, which will require you to enter your hours at a later time. A further notice will be sent.

In my example, eRequest is suppose to start with a lower case e, but MS Word insists on changing it to Erequest, which is not the name of the system.

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Oh this is their best Word feature - don't you know

by Deadly Ernest In reply to DE, I think that is becau ...

For that type of thing there is a simple fix -
Open M$Word
select Tools
select Auto Correct
then enter the valid word in as the correction and the M$ typical spelling as the faulty on.

another way is to add the special words into your dictionary and it should not correct them again.

Don't have that problem with WordPad.

I used to teach people how to use Word, Excel etc. But recently I started writing some short fiction stories and I found that every time I was opening the file again in Word I had a whole bunch of errors to correct, that were corrected last time. Alls spell check and auto correction and auto save was turned off - but that did not stop word from automatically correcting my spelling errors when it saved the file as part of the closing action. The bugger ketp changing character's names - converted the file to .rtf and did future entries in WordPad - no problems.

I can't wait for the copy of the latest version of SimplyMEPIS that I order the other day - when it arrives I'm going to back up my data and **** away XP completely and run Linux only - Open Office doesn't have the M$ Word issues - they only put in standard features that you can properly turn off when you want to.

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They mess it up every time

by bluepen In reply to Oh this is their best Wor ...

Every iteration of Word has been a little more "idiot proof" and it makes it harder for we who like to write more difficult. Another problem I run into all the time is the formatting, especially when pulling in files from older versions or Mac Word. The paragraph indents, etc. can be a real mess. All I can say is that Wordpad does make a nice type-writer!

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Thanks for the fix. - I knew that one!

by j.lupo In reply to Oh this is their best Wor ...

I just am tired of fixing MS Word and I HAVE to use it as my word processor for certain things. I prefer my UltraEdit. Or even WordPad or TextPad.

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