MS USB Wireless Notebook Mouse stops working

By robert.schneider ·
have a Microsoft Notebook Wireless Mouse 1024 that I have been using on my Eurocom Desktop Replacement Notebook (laptop). It has been working intermittently. O/S: XPsp3. When it stops working, XP returns ?device not recognized? message for the usb device (Wireless mouse receiver) plugged into the usb port. I have done some research and it seems I am not alone with this problem, although I have not found a solution yet.
It works OK in my desktop computer.
Any ideas?

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A suggestion..

by NormH3 In reply to MS USB Wireless Notebook ...

Anytime I have had unusual issues with USB ports, I browse to Device manager, delete any USB controller instances, reboot the PC and allow them to be rediscovered and installed. The only other thought would be to see if there are more current drivers available for your laptop.

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Two things I've found with this particular mouse...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS USB Wireless Notebook ...

Number one, the batteries won't last long if you leave it turned on all the time. Remove the USB stick and put it in the mouse to turn it off when not in use. If you're not doing this, change the battery often.

Number two, if the location you plug the USB stick in is too close to the mouse, the signal is intermittent. The mouse works best if you're able to plug in the stick on the opposite side of the laptop than the mouse (i.e. stick on left side, mouse on the right), or at least as far away as you can get it. Too close, and the two won't communicate reliably.

I eventually had to replace the first mouse I bought. New batteries wouldn't even resurrect it. The new mouse is working fine though without having to do anything to the computer.

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disappears from Device Manager

by robert.schneider In reply to Two things I've found wit ...

When the mouse stops working, it disappears from device manager. Sometimes I can unplug and re-plug the USB receiver and it will be recoginized and work for a short time. This does not work all the time! It seems like something is stepping on the configuration. It is strange, when I test the mouse in my desktop, it works great! *-()
I tried a ps/2 to usb adapter(little green one), the usb mouse receiver doesn't work at all.

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