MS Vista Hiding files

By jdmercha ·
When I use Explorer to view the properties of my hard drive, it shows that I have 80GB used. When I look at the properties of each folder they only add up to 35GB. Where did the other 45GB go?

I am using MS Vista Home Premium with SP1. I have hidden files displayed. I have system files displayed. I even checked the registry to see that I have super hidden files displayed.

(I can see bootmgr in the root directory and i can see the temp folder under my users appdata folder.)

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Try this

by Nimmo In reply to MS Vista Hiding files

Download Tree Size and run it on from the drive level.

Also open your command prompt and type "vssadmin list shadowstorage" without quotes this will tell you the size and amount of shadow copies you have.

If you find that you have alot of space taken up via shadow copies you can modify the amount of space allowed to use for shadow copies, using the "resize shadowstorage" commands.

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Thanks for the reply

by jdmercha In reply to Try this

Your suggestions led me to a folder called rrbackups. It was showing up as an empty folder, but Tree Size showed it as an inaccessable directory. It was holding 40GB worth of backups. It is from a Lenovo utility that backs up my system on a regular basis.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks for the reply

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Good Stuff

by Nimmo In reply to Thanks for the reply

No problem glad to help (sorry replied in the wrong area)

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