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MS Win 2K Vs. Novell 3x - please comment

By it_jp ·
Hi all !

I work for a small Company, about 100 employees. Currently, our network has a primary domain on Novell 3x. Our e-mail is handled by GroupWise 4.1a. We're facing a small dilemma, should we upgrade to the current versions of novell/groupwise or to Windows 2000/exchange 2000?

Our top concerns are security and performance. For the past six years, our network/system has never been down. And we've never had a virus issue either. We firmly believe that by switching to Windows we'llmake ourselves vulnerable.

I'd like to know if there is anyone who's gone through the same situation before?

Any non-microsoft/novell hating suggestions?

Please comment !

Thank you.

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You have answered your own question.

by tbragsda In reply to MS Win 2K Vs. Novell 3x - ...

If you have no specific need to go to a Windows server, why change. You have been satisfied with what you have, stick with it.

I don?t hate Windows, but I do hate to see Netware clients switching to a Windows with no other reason that (cause). Netware provides great security, terrific management tools, and stability that I personally, don?t think Win can match.

On the other hand. If you?re a small shop, and you looking for some tool, lets just say Internet monitoring. Your more likelyto find suitable server side apps in the lower price ranges with MS.

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Never down in 6 years?

by garyroach In reply to MS Win 2K Vs. Novell 3x - ...

Then why would you want to change? You might want to upgrade to a more recent version of NetWare. After a certain amount of time, the old version will no longer be supported.

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Don't change what works.

by boethos In reply to MS Win 2K Vs. Novell 3x - ...

I am biased towards Novell. I have clients that have used Novell 3.x for up to 16 years and 'never down'. It just keeps humming. Why switch? 3.x is no longer supported by Novell. With all the enhancements in 6.0, you should seriously consider it. Please do, however do the upgrade by the book. Use the Migration agent and not just overwrite the OS with the new version.
You'll probably need new hardware for the new O.S., so do an 'across the wire' migration. Keep the old box for safety reasons in case you have to dig off some old stuff. If you have ANY Dos apps as primary apps, you may not be able to switch out of Bindery mode for printing. Do a LOT of research and serveral full backups before even touching the old system. I have seen a company just last week come within millimeters of losing the entire business because of no backups , etc. They were runnig 3.x, up'd to 4.x, then up'd to 5.1. However, they were still using SYSCON and PCONSOLE to manage everything. So, theydidn't get the full use of 5.1.

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Newsflash: MCSE Loves Novell!

by ghstinshll In reply to MS Win 2K Vs. Novell 3x - ...

I'm a Win2K lover, kicked to the curb by another closd office in the world, and picked up by a novell house. I am adjusting to the Novell environment just fine with my years of experience, but have to say I love this Novell system. It runs and runs and doesn't have to reboot to clear memory, etc...

I always had to reboot my 2K servers once in a while for memory leaks, lockups, etc... but there's hardly any apps on this Novell server that could lock it up. Not as many layers in Novell OS? I'm not sure, but I'm seriously going to go after a CNE as well in my career path, and believe you shold upgrade. Just be careful like one of these other messages mentioned.

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