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MS Windows NT 4.0 Logon Script

By gauravjaggi ·
We are migrating form Novell 3.12 to Windows NT 4.0 & from MS Mail to MS Exchange 5.5 Server. I have created the users & copied all the data on the Win NT server & also crated the required share. Now, I have to assign the drive letters against all the shares to the users.My all the client are on Windows 95.

How should I program the Logon Script so that users belong to one group can see the particular drive letter & t the users belongs to other group can see the other drive letter. For example, there are there are three groups say, GP1,GP2 & GP3, say there are 4 share drives say H:, I:, J:, K:. Now, what I want is that when the users of Group GP1 logon they can see the share drive I: & J:, & when the users of Group GP2 logon they can see the drive K:, when the user of Group GP3 logon they can see the drive letter H: & J:. Can you please help me in writing this Logon Script for this or any other solution for this. I would be thankful to you.

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One solution

by dzwinck In reply to MS Windows NT 4.0 Logon S ...

I know you can use IFMember.exe (NTResKit) for Windows NT clients but not sure if it works with 9x clients. I actually doubt it but figured I'd throw that out at you.


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Login Script

by microtechcomputer In reply to MS Windows NT 4.0 Logon S ...

I solved this problem by creating different login scripts and defined the login script by user. For instance everyone in the finance group has the loginf.bat defined as their login script while everyone else has login.bat defined.

This allows different drives to be mapped for finance information that only the finance group has rights to.

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Where do you set the logon script for al

by fredericaf In reply to Login Script

Where do you set the script to run for all users. at logon, before or after...

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Location of scripts..

by networkwizard In reply to Where do you set the logo ...

C:\WINNT\system32\Repl\Import\Scripts (WinNT4)

You can connect the PDC or BDC using the netlogin share (win2K) and put the script there

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