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    MS wireless optical mouse


    by ahkit ·

    A month ago I bought the MS wireless optical desktop pro which came with wireless keyboard and mouse. It has been running fine for a month under windows xp pro sp1. But what happen is after I run the defragment tool for the first time, the wireless mouse is not working, cant move the pointer and cant click. However, the keyboard is working fine. And xp shows that the device is working properly. And I also tried everything that the troubleshoot menu suggest, but it still not working. I wonder how can I fix this problem? -_-

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      MS wireless optical mouse

      by thechas ·

      In reply to MS wireless optical mouse

      Double check the mouse batteries.

      Re-Install the drivers.

      Re-move the mouse from device manager, and re-boot.

      Start, Settings, Control Panel, System Properties

      Use the tab and arrow keys to navigate around to device manager.
      Remove the mouse, close the windows and re-boot.


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      MS wireless optical mouse

      by ratznium ·

      In reply to MS wireless optical mouse

      When the batteries cark it in my optical mouse (logitech) I sometimes have to press the ‘reset/detect’ button to reestablish the mouse/baseport communication.

      Perhaps after changing the batteries in your model it requires this reset to connect?

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