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MS Word 2003 Cut/Paste Automation

By IainH124A ·
I am having to cut hundreds of images out of a Word document and paste special them back in a different format. Does any one know of a way to automate this process? I have tried using a Macro but that only seems to work with a single image. Thanks

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More Info please

by Tink! In reply to MS Word 2003 Cut/Paste Au ...

Exactly what format does the picture start out as?

What format are you pasting it in?

And just a curiosity question: what are you doing that you have to cut and paste so many pics in Word?

Tink :)

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File Type jpg

by IainH124A In reply to More Info please

Most of the files are already in the Word document but the document has to be converted using external software into a different format. This software does not seem to accept certain image types so if the image changed to jpg then it works fine.

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More info than that

by Tink! In reply to MS Word 2003 Cut/Paste Au ...

I've got an idea of how to help you, but I need more info.
- Can you tell me what format the final file is in (the 3rd party format)
- I take it the pics in the Word file are not saved somewhere as individual files?
- Do you have any picture software like Corel, Photoshop or even just MS Draw?

The more info you can provide the better we can come up with a complete and easy solution for you.
Tink :)

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More info :)

by IainH124A In reply to More info than that

Hi :)
The word document will become formatted XML using software called CourseGenie. All the pictures are currently already in the document and I do have MS Office Picture Manager :)
Hope that helps.

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by Tink! In reply to MS Word 2003 Cut/Paste Au ...

I haven't worked with XML, but my question is, why are you using a third party software?

Have you tried saving the file as XML using Word's Save As capability? It retains the pics from the original doc in the new XML file.


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by IainH124A In reply to xml?

Sadly I have to use third party software. Would be easier to just save in XML but sadly the other software adds extra features such a layout management, consistent layouts across all documents processed etc :)

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Ok, have you tried

by Tink! In reply to XML

saving into XML with Word first and then importing/opening with the 3rd party software?

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by allans In reply to MS Word 2003 Cut/Paste Au ...

I have similar problem some time ago and used macro that looped through each image and saved it to file.

With a a little modification I got it to loop through files a well to so I could set it to run through all the word files a directory and extract images to JPG's named with document name and image number.

Let me know if you could use this and I will send you the code.

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by IainH124A In reply to supermacro

Thanks. That sounds like very useful code. Would it be able to be easily modified to paste the images back in again as a JPG as well?

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