MS Word 2007 Envelope addresses double spaced in .doc file

By naamfang ·
Open a .doc document in MS Word 2007

Select and then copy text that is appropriate for an envelope address. This text should be formatted with line feeds (Cntrl-ENTER) to separate the lines of text.

In MS Word open the Mailings... Envelopes.... dialog.

Paste the address text copied above into the envelope address field. Notice that the text is now double spaced, with a extra line feed between lines.

IF you do this same series of steps from a .DOCX file the extra line feeds are not pasted in the envelope address field.

If you do the same series of step in Word XP from the same .DOC file, there is also NOT double spacing going on.

This only happens when using a .DOC file form within Word 2007

Other than manually editing the address field in Word 2007 after the paste action, how can I get Word 2007 to act like WordXP and just format the pasted address text the way it is in the source DOC file?

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