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    MS word


    by ollie3002 ·

    Am a beginner when it comes to this sort of thing. So i downloaded ms word and i see this thing at the top and i m sure whether i should be worried. So wat i am seeing is this; lines with arrows inside a circle. Is this thing normal

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      Re: downloaded

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to MS word

      Please tell:
      1. What version of Word did you buy?
      2. Where did you buy it (name of shop or link to site) and how much did you pay?
      3. What was the download link?

      And can you post a link to a picture showing a part of the screen that shows this circle? Use your favorite picture sharing site like imgur.

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        by ollie3002 ·

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        I got it from ig a kms server. Didnt buy.
        link to the image check top right corner please.

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          Re: arrow

          by kees_b ·

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          At the top left (not the top right) I see one circle with an arrow, certainly not “lines”. Usually that means something like “exit” or “go back to the previous program”.
          Doesn’t seem like a reason to worry.

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          Top right

          by ollie3002 ·

          In reply to Re: arrow

          U can see grey lines looking like a half trapezium and also 2 circles with arrows on the inside. It looks more like a watermark. Its grey in colour and in the blue background. Please take a better look. Top right not left

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          Top right is what I call EYE CANDY.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Top right

          It’s a non-functional graphic.

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          Ahh so nothing to worry about right?

          by ollie3002 ·

          In reply to Top right is what I call EYE CANDY.

          Thats really assuring. Been worried for a while there. Cant begin to express how grateful i am. Really, really appreciate the help. Please do pass this message onto the other moderator as well.

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